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In "luxe-furnitures" we specialty not only includes design trendy office chairs, leather chair, executive chair, restaurant chair & stables etc but also renovation & decoration solutions for corporate & commercial complexes, restaurants, offices, hotels & guests houses etc. "luxe-furnitures" is recognized as a state of art technology, widest range of a quality chair manufacturer in India, offers customized solutions to our clients to maximize their satisfaction. "luxe-furnitures" is one of the India's top hot selling Brands in Office Chairs. It has capped most of the market share of office chairs in India. We are continuously investing in research and development for manufacturing new models of chairs and supplying of comfortable, affordable, ergonomic chairs with elegant look.

Some of the outstanding features in trendy and modern-day ergonomic office chairs not only help in supporting important region of the body but also help in enhancing productivity. Office chairs these days are manufactured keeping in mind, the user's spine health and back support. Latest office chairs also come in a wide range of seating material and fabric to ensure that they keep the user and the people around hale and hearty by not emanating any air-quality-endangering toxicants. Because honestly, what could be more harrowing than writhing and wrestling in a badly designed office chair that also reeks of bad odour?
To get one of the widest varieties of office chairs and discount bargain price, browse through our site for some of the finest office chairs in store.


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